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said it's not just the website, but the whole law. >> a statement from speaker boehner's office, stating there will be at least four more issues over obama care this week alone. we will see more argument on this. >> the supreme court denied an attempt to overturn the employee -- employer mandate portion of the affordable care act. thehallenge the portion of law requiring most employers who provide health insurance for workers. that portion of the law does not take effect until 2015. bikes we have an update on a breaking news story from the district. d.c. member -- >> we have an update on a breaking news story from the district. tc mayor vincent gray has signed petitions seeking reelection. the d.c. bureau chief sam ford spoke with the mayor. he joins us now with from the board of elections. >> after much speculation whether mayor vincent gray would speak -- seek reelection, the answer here at one judiciary square where the d.c. board of elections is located about two hours ago. mayor gray appeared here around 4:00 and signed for his positions to seek reelection for democratic ma
the law, its benefits, its protections, about how folks can sign up. tell your friends, tell your family. >> it is the first in a now daily push between today and december 23 to get as many as possible to sign up. that is the deadline if you want coverage beginning january 1. through social media, surrogates and mr. obama will say the website has improved. they hope million general, especially young and healthy customers in just a matter of months. >> we're not going to walk away. if i have to fight another three years to make sure this law works that is what i will do. >> opponents argued very little thus thene as planned, need for an appeal. >> they tried to hide what they knew about the website. one has to ask what else are they hiding? >> the white house taking hits for the president's renewed push asking is all of this really necessary, especially if it is still a controversy land flood law -- and flawed law. >> the supreme court upheld it and one million people showed up yesterday. sell itoes he have to if it is so great? >> what is next in this push? the white house would not say.
to hong kong. >> it is scary. >> monterey county police say she was a teacher at frost school. law-enforcement officials say last month she went into a boys more -- home when his parents were away and engaged in what is being disguised -- described as illegal sexual conduct. >> that's not good. >> she lived in this rockville neighborhood, one neighbor said it has been months since she has seen her. >> it is been a long time since summertime since i saw her last. i saw the police looking for her at the beginning of november. >> montgomery county police say they're going to put hold a press conference later this afternoon where we hope to learn more about this case. in rockville, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> we are following some breaking news this noon from prince george's county. news chopper seven is above the scene of a trash truck that is flip on the beltway. drivers can expect delays in that area. we will make sure to up date you -- >> just coming into my a picture of a woman accused of robbing a bank in prince george's county. officers say that the woman passe
that the 48-year- old has been a pe teacher here at the lemon tree and courting to law-enforcement officials, he is facing several charges. to law-enforcement officials, he is facing several charges. he was acting different, possibly intoxicated. during the investigation, that he wass found driving under the influence and possession of alcohol on school property. class, buth one gym that it was taught with other teachers. he was never alone with students. >> he was never alone with children. arose, we the problem handled it rapidly. >> he was released on bond. according to the investigation by sheriff's officers, the school district is conducting an independent investigation as well. we will have this -- more coming up at 5:00. we have learned that a child is dead and four others injured after a dump truck collided with a school bus in idaho. this happened about 30 minutes outside of boise. the local sheriffs office said as many as 10 children were on board heading to annulment three school. the dump truck hit the back of the bus at an intersection. it is unclear who was at fault. right here
into royalty, grew up poor, he was the first black man to open a law firm in south africa. he was a well educated, sophisticated man. he knew white south africa, black south africa, poor south africa, wealthy south africa. one of his supporters said at the time when they were looking for a leader for this mass movement, in walks this six foot two inch massive demand. they said, yup, he is the one. mandela said at one of his first meetings, he stood in the room with the elders and said, i will be the first black president of south africa. he said that in the 1950s. >> and in south africa in recent line, what it was like to up in 1994, that first election. they still had tears in their eyes, still very vivid to them. legacy ofd that the nelson mandela would not be enough, that there was still a lot of work to be done in south africa. the country has problems. it is one of the leading places of rape in the country, aids is rampant. unemployment between the ages of 20 and 50 is more than 50%. but nelson mandela set the stage for the future. of them,t out the best this kind and gentle man. he
if it was going too fast. >>> president obama is said to make some comments about his health care law at a youth white house event today. it's the second-straight day he will be talking about obama care. as karen travers tells us, that's by design. >> reporter: president obama highlighted the progress at but once again, he reminded americans that the health care law is not just a website. and he had a strong message for republicans. he said the health care law is here to stay. >> my main message today is we're not going back. after just the first month, despite all of the problems in the rollout, about 500,000 people across the country are poised to gain health care coverage threw marketplaces and medicaid beginning on january 1st. >> reporter: but the white house says the problems are almost fixed. over the next three weeks they'll make a big push to get people enrolled so they have health insurance by january 1st. john and diana? >> karen, thank you. >>> bill clinton is clarifying recent comments about health care. president clinton recently said that mr. obama should keep his
though his fight would be in a larger realm. andained a law degree fought racism and the apartheid. he was landed behind bars for 27 years. his imprisonment only energized him. >> think about the problems. >> countless others along the way. >> we have to think about the example that he said, to make decisions not by hate, but by love. >> he became the first black and democratic president and a nations, tother have a collegiate tone to pitches message of goodwill. >> i am a -- >> his enthusiasm was contagious and his legacy bound to inspire well beyond this lifetime. thatlson mandela once said it seems impossible until it is done. many wanting a quality that may be celebrated in the next few days, including at the soccer stadium where he last appeared in the world cup, to be buried back in his home village 550 miles away. the -- this will last 10 days. many come together to honor the man known to his countrymen as madiba. legacy as a human rights leader has prompted many to share their memories of this icon and we continue our coverage live from the embassy. construction,s you can see a
-up pictures of the teen's breasts. >> he should be prosecuted fully -- to the full extent of the law. >> he asked her to pull down her pants and he could photograph her tattoos for identification purposes. he took close-up images of her vaginal area. there to protect a lot. >> the teen told her mother what happened so the mother called 911. naked photos of her 15-year-old daughter when he responded earlier. butofficer saw the messages -- and started deleting the pictures but they were recovered. victims outbe other there. they are asking families to call police if a field their child might have been victimized. theave a response from chief. she's had to learn of an allegation of this kind against a person who is sworn to protect our children is both shocking and disturbing. we're fortunate that someone came forward to alert us and his behavior to ensure that we prevent future victims. >> thank you. the white house says health care is and they're taking in the case to the public. the residents new pr plan. >> you could call this a pr leads her campaign. either way what we saw w
and reaction tonight at 5:00. >> the health care law is getting a grilling on capitol hill. there is a live look there. partners atur news politico have learned that 29,000 people signed up on signed up on sunday. that's more than the entire several october. intersections closed because of a gas leak in tysons cner. the gas line broke near cambridge road. drivers are being asked to avoid that area. the judiciary and public safety committee holding a hearing. they are focusing on the vacancies in paramedics and fire in umass. they will also look at a scathing audit. the audit found that the vehicles are in generally poor have been in disrepair for 15 to 20 years. the d.c. fire captain says the department has a lot of good news to share. gray has givent us $24 million. he has been extremely supportive throughout this process. bureau chief sam ford is at today's committee hearing. we will hear his full report tonight on abc seven news. now, in update on the recount in the attorney general race. the committee held a meeting to determine me timeline -- the timeline for the recount
that the recordings serve the public good fuelslaying the release speculation and undermines confidence in law enforcement. chillingt revealed pictures of the damage done and the arsenal of what was used in the massacre. whenhildren were killed adam lanza went on his deadly rampage. a portion of the 911 calls include landline calls and not calls from cell phones. mexican authorities have recovered stolen truck and the radioactive medical equipment that it was killing -- carrying. it was found not far from the abandoned truck. if posed a danger to the public and they blocked off a quarter- mile of the site as a per caution. precaution.on -- the truck was stolen from a gas station and it is unlikely that the thieves knew what was inside the truck when it was stolen. rob ford is, creating a name for himself and washington. -- in washington. he is going to appear to make nfl picks and he says that he is a big redskins fan. new allegations involving a video that shows a rob ford smoking crack cocaine. he may have offered $5,000 and a car to drug dealers in exchange for the video. donations in major
to renew could trigger something called permanent law established to help struggling farmers. >> milk, butter, cheese, basic commodities, eventually drains at highly inflated rices. if i'm paying twice the market price, you can do the math. >> the senate would like to see only about $4 billion in cuts in the house once $40 billion. nonetheless, there are strong bipartisan desire to strike a deal. >> it's a worry because a working farm bill full of incentives also means a cleaner chesapeake bay, less pollution and run off. no bill, fewer crops, fewer crop aon's hired. again, the threat of double prices at the grocery store. >> give me a letter grade on how they are handling the farm bill. cliques we have a great system for me and other items but this is an opportunity here. if they get a farm bill past, they pass. if they fail, it's that simple. >> he says we would all fail. some good news and some progress here as they merge those two versions of the farm bill. john boehner insists that his house will break one week from today for the holidays. secretary vill sack says we cannot do mu
that we have it, is because law enforcement had to take every possible step to verify its authenticity. and at this juncture, we believe that it was in fact written by abby and was sent to her mother. >> reporter: the letter was postmarked october 23rd. but didn't reach abby's mother until november 6th. an fbi investigator working on the case says receiving the letter is unprecedented saying he hasn't seen anything like this in recent investigations. he is hopeful she's alive, but says, she could be in grave danger. >> other cases, that we have investigated across the country tell us that one in eight of endangered run aways could be forced into some kind of sexual exploitation, after a situation like this has occurred. >> reporter: although there is a possibility abby left willingly, investigators say it's likely she's being coerced by someone. the letter is the only trace of abigail, her cell phone hasn't been used since the day she disappeared. >> we truly miss you. >> reporter: the letter is the only trace of abigail, her cell phone hasn't been used since the day she disappeared. >
it as a victory for public health and morals. >> during the run the law was widely ignored most famously by kennedy, father of late john f. kennedy who amassed a fortune in bootlegging. >> he made even more after the 21st amendment was repealed with his exclusive distribution rights of scottish whiskey. >> one of the unsfwended consequence was the black market it created and organized crime syndicates led by people like al ka sgloen put that man in jail. what does he think he is doing? what i hope i'm doing and here's where your english paper has a point, i'm responding to the will of the people. people are going to drink. you know that. i know that. we all know that. all i do is act on that. >> great movie. >> another classic film that dealt with prohibition, some like it hot. marilyn monroe was caught red handed with the forbidden fruit. >> terribly sorry. >> you won't tell anybody, will you? >> tell what? >> if they catch me once more they are going to kick me out. >>. kennedy wasn't the only one amassing a fortune during the ban. an industry was built on the ban. dramatized in the gr
by an act of congress and signing into law by president bush. he said to us, how can you still designate anc senior leadership as terrorists when apartheid was a crime against humanity? he was very public about that. >> it was a life that contained so much. thank you all very much. >>> when we come back, the economy is coming back. so many americans left behind. we'll taken to debate of inequality and fair wages. and james carville and mary matalin join our roundtable. >>> and a once-in-a-lifetime interview with nelson mandela from our archives. >> they were very harsh. and then i responded to my colleagues that look, we must fight and fight from the beginning. >> his secrets to survival in our "sunday spotlight." ♪ [ daughter ] my dad always talks about the deal he and mom made with me when i was ten. he said, "you get the grades to go to college -- and we'll help out with the schoolf your choice." well, i got the grades and, with dad's planning and a lot of hard work, i'm graduating today with a degree in marine biology. i'm so thankful and excited about the future. [ male announcer ] fo
are safe. according to the american chemistry council, more than a dozen federal laws govern the manufacture and use of chemicals. and chemistries in every day products are being used safely. many people agree. >> right now i'm cleaning the mirrors and using windex. it's a product i have used and my mom used it. i keep using it. >> reporter: she's a mother of two who says she's not worried about the conventional products in her home. >> the things i use as far as i know do not have chemicals that harm my family. and they work, so i'm not willing to pay more for products who are organic. >> reporter: she blogs and trumpets her embrace of mass brands. >> these are conventional products that i get at a big box store that are cost effective and keep my house clean. i've never looked at the label for this. so -- and to be honest, i don't care. if it works for me, i'll use it. >> i feel that american families need to be aware that they're being exposed every day to chemicals of unproven toxicity. >> reporter: phil says there are cause for concern. >> we have been looking for carefu
university. he received an honorary dr. of law degree. reports, he iss still honored here in the nation's capital. people is not keeping away as the memorial grows. mandela was the embodiment of everything he stood for. >> people saying the african nations anthem. tells me -- wela do this out of respect for the people. >> parking here is not easy. people walked several blocks. he felt compelled to stand here this morning. >> i had to pay my respects for this man. >> the 95-year-old was known for his integrity. his lifelong struggle to unify his nation has eternally touched those here. >> it was a way to reconcile people. >> there will be nightly vigils out here through tuesday. a memorial service is scheduled for wednesday at the national cathedral. in northwest, abc 7 news. >> take a look at this, a sign of how truly one man can make a global impact. newspapers on the world are paying tribute to nelson mandela on their front pages. they are outside of the newsy him. >> visitors are leaving their well wishes at the museum of african art. this is on display and people can leave messages
of employment. it is a law of nature. the real problem is teenagers. 98% of people who work full-time make above the minimum wage. the problem is that those making the minimum wage, five out of six are teenagers. >> untrue. not so. >> disagreement here. >> it will not deter me. 22%, we have a 22% unemployment among teenagers. 36% among african-americican teenagers. we know you are going to decrease the employment. if that t is what you want, take it. that is not a solution. >> 52% of the fast food workers are older people a a they are on some kind of public assistance because theyan't make it on ose salaries. >> 88% of those who work minimum wage are at least 20 yearsld. that is a fact. that is a reality. you are entitled tyour opinion, not your facts. the minimum wage was 53% of the average wagege in this country n 1968. today it is 37%. 54% of the people at minimum wage, that is full-time work for them. one quarter of the children in the country have a parent at minimum wage. >> could you live on seven dollarars 34 cents an hour? >> would you aee to have a minimum wage with the exception for t
be on probation through 2016. if he sends -- if you break the law in that time, a judge could send him away for the next 12 years. >> kevin, thank you. a traveling medical technician who infected dozens of patients with hepatitis c was sentenced to 39 years in prison today. david krukowski admitted stealing pain pills and replacing them -- stealing pain medicines and replacing them with syringes tainted with his blood. hisnse lawyers blamed problemsn mental coupled with drug and out all of addiction. before he was sentenced, he will apologize for his crimes. >> just weeks before earned -- before christmas, how suspects got in and through their -- to the police are looking for. >> and in a well-known neighborhood, dupont circle. >> this is abc on your side. >> the search is on for two men who attacked a woman in dupont circle. >> it happened on connecticut avenue in a busy section of the district. jennifer donelan has what police are saying. >> it is one of those 24 hour hotspots here in the city. this is connecticut avenue. during the day their shopping and restaurants. in the evening, well
. >> a georgetown university law student taking a break before finals to relax with four-legged friends. it is an annual event hosted by .he defense fund he gives students a chance to unwind before final exams by playing with therapy dogs. for organizations visited the campus with 16 dogs. >> we are getting our first look tonight at the christmas decorations at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the first lady showcase them while hosting military families at the white house. all the decorations honor service members and their families. during the visit, the children got a lesson holiday crafts entreat thanks to the white house chef and white house florist. atlet's see what's coming up 6:00. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> tonight at 6:00, the still unresolved battle to become virginia's next attorney general is heading to the courtroom. president obama is making an effort to close the income gap today. the plan he presents to congress and why it is causing concern for small business owners. news at 6:00king in a few minutes. >> there is something to look forward
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mother a letter, two weeks after she mysteriously vanished. >> law enforcement had to take every possible step to verify its authenticity. we believe that it was, in fact, written by abbie. >> reporter: investigators are not disclosing the content of the letter. but are convinced abigail may be in grave danger. >> someone may be now coercing her. someone may now be manipulating her. and her safety is absolutely in question. >> reporter: police releasing photos of a necklace and purse abbie had been known to wear regularly. and appealing to the public for help. >> we're asking you, look at your neighbor. look at the grocery store. look at your church. is there somebody that you haven't seen here before? >> reporter: this is the last known photo of abbie, seen walking through the hallway of her school on the day that she vanished. police say that evening was the last time her cell phone was used. investigators have been searching ever since, knocking on doors, looking in the local woods and river. abigail's distraught mother, delivering this message to her daughter just days after she went
's death, graham went to great lengths to hide her crime from friends, family, and law enforcement. allegedly sending herself e-mails from a fake account she made named tony. >> prosecutors have to prove she intended to kill him. >> reporter: she's pleaded not guilty. in their legal briefs, her attorneys admit her story changed over time. but maintain that johnson's death was an accident. the defense writing in the brief that despite expected testimony that graham suffered from cold feet, witnesses thought that the wedding was perfectly normal. >> this case will come down to whether the jury believes that she regretted this marriage so much that she pushed him off the edge. literally. >> reporter: graham's attorney revealing the plan to show a starkly different image of her husband's lifestyle. one they call reckless. the proposed jury instructions include charges of second-degree murder, volunte untary manslaug and involuntary manslaughter are possible. abc news tried to reach out to attorneys on both sides but have not heard back. >> we'll follow the case all week long. >>> a lot
with him three weeks while attending law school. it came after the judge ruled he could stay ignoring a deportationing order two decades ago. >>> libyan government says so far no one claimed responsibility for shooting an american teacher to death as he jogged through the streets of benghazi. despite threats. he chose to stay and teach high school chemistry. his wife and son had come home to texas for the holidays and he planned to join them next week. >>> check out that emirates airlines jumbo jet trying to land in strong winds yesterday in birmingham, england. it attempted to ground two times and failed both times. it landed at different airport. one passenger tweeted out never flying again. >>> florida state quarterback jame miswinston will not be charged with sexually assaulting a woman a prosecutor says he will not pursue the case because there were too many gaps in his accuser's story and not enough evidence to win a conviction. winston will looed lead the seminoles in the acc title game tomorrow night and he is a leading candidate for the heisman trophy. >>> much of the u.s. is
phenomenon. starring as both sides of the law brian 0 conner. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: his "fast and furious" put him in all kinds of speed thrill scenarios became his calling card in hollywood. perfect vehicle for his can do charm and that appealing -- born in glendale, california the blond, blue eyed walker modelled as a child showing up on sit comes such as who's the boss and charles in charge. >> right now i don't like myself at all. >> on the big screen he would be seen in varsity blues. >> i was lying in bed last night. >> reporter: "fast and furious" made him a star. >> how's that one? >> reporter: as news of his death spread saturday night, walk eers friends and co-stars took to social media to pay tribute to his memory. from an instagram account said to belong to his long time co-star vin diesel. brother, i will miss you very much. i'm speechless. heaven has gained a new angel. rest in peace. at the time of his death, walker was raising funds for the charity reach out worldwide. he leaves behind a daughter meadow and millions of saddened fans. paul walker died on s
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